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About Linden Street Café

Like most endeavors, it started with a bucket list item: owning a café. Bucket list items seem to exist 10-20 years down the road but for Hannah, Dennis and Sarahlynn, this was their opportunity. Dennis –the entrepreneur of the crew- caught wind of a café in Old Town Fort Collins for sale. Naturally, he asked his wife – Hannah- if she’d ever be interested in owning a café.

Hannah: Totally. Now? Um…

Dennis: How about with Sarahlynn (her sister)?

Hannah called Sarahlynn in the middle of July 2016 with the question that would drastically alter all three lives: How serious are you about owning a café? Three months later and with little idea what they were actually getting ourselves in to: they owned a café!

Hannah and Sarahlynn have a deep seeded love of all things coffee: the culture, community, experience, recipes, bean quality, customer exchange, beautifully steamed milk, and – most importantly- that sweet nectar of caffeine filled wonder: a Cup o’ Joe. Having worked in the coffee industry through college and after, they loved the idea of engaging the coffee world on a new level as owners.

Dennis brings the financial backbone and history with business owning that balances the dynamic (without which we couldn’t function). Dennis handles the finances and hosts a multiplicity of skills needed to keep and enhance the function of their new endeavor.

There’s a love of calling something your own, crafting it to be what you want and see in the dream you’ve had for such a long time. The dream and the reality are very different but the satisfaction is in seeing it come to fruition. As exciting as each stage is, the product is being a part of a community and sharing in the experience. It’s been a journey and one they are excited to share with the Fort Collins community!



“Since 2005, Fort Collins consistently ranks within one of the top places to live in the United States.”